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Modern Warfare 3 To Feel More Like Call of Duty 4, Has Simpler Maps



Modern Warfare 3's huge multiplayer reveal is still over 40 days away, but luckily Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has shared some new information about MW3's multiplayer to the press.

Unlike the previous Call of Duty games, MW3's multiplayer will not be relying that much on air support, killstreaks and perks. Modern Warfare 3 will focus more on that fast-paced, gun-on-gun gameplay that Call of Duty 4 offered to players a few years back - this way the less skilled players will have less to think about.

The simplistic map design of Call of Duty 4 will be used in Modern Warfare 3; basically the maps won't have no more than five "hotspots" per area where the enemy could be hiding. This design discourages camping since there are fewer places to hide and is exactly the opposite of MW2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had a major focus on vertical combat, multi-floor levels and the number of buildings that players could go into. MW3 will have less of that, but there will be some vertical combat on maps where it makes sense.

Bowling summarized that they want players to be able to turn a corner and know easily that there are a maximum of five places that need to be checked for enemies; something that the casual players could do.


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