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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Perks And Killstreaks Leaked!


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UPDATE: Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has just denied the information:"Lots of false #MW3 info being reported as fact. There is no Stopping Power, OMA, Commando, or Nukes. Beyond that, you'll have to wait & see."

"There is no Stopping Power period. We also have no such thing as 'team perks'. All other #MW3 MP details remain undisclosed."

"There is blatantly false information in that article. I encourage you to reserve judgement until you have facts."
Kotaku has already leaked valid information before, so it's left to be seen if Robert Bowling is just trying to do some damage control.

ORIGINAL STORY: Kotaku has leaked MW3 multiplayer information via their "inside source" that was responsible for the original campaign leak a couple of weeks back. We don't know if this is correct or not, but take it with a pinch of salt.

Apparently MW3 will now feature "team perks" that allows the whole team to work towards to earn:

  • Blast Shield: Reduces explosive damage and allows you to survive direct explosion.
  • Health Regen: Players regenerate health a lot faster over time.
  • Stopping Power: Increases bullet damage.
  • Stun Protection: Prevents players from getting stunned by flash and stun grenades.

Modern Warfare 3 should also include the following brand new perks:

  • Assassin: Gives immunity towards UAVs, different thermals and heartbeat sensors. The pro version makes you immune to EMP bombs, CUAVs and doesn't show your name or a red crosshair when the enemy targets you.
  • Blind Eye: Makes players immune to computer-controlled enemy killstreaks. The pro version gives you extra bullet damage versus killstreak vehicles and also makes your missile launchers lock on faster.
  • Dead Silence: Makes you silent when you move. Perfect for stealth.
  • Point Guard: Every two assist kills you make count towards as one kill to your killstreak rewards.
  • Recon: Partly unknown, but it gives you a "special radar" for spotting enemies.

The game also features brand new killstreaks, here's the latest list:

  • Airdrop Trap: Delivers a booby-trapped airdrop to the battlefield.
  • Ammo Resupply: Delivers an ammo reloading airdrop to the battlefield.
  • Directional UAV: The UAV can be directed into specific areas to scan for enemy players.
  • EMP Grenade: Takes out all electronic equipment within blast radius.
  • Escort Airdrop: A protected airdrop.
  • Littlebird: A small helicopter that can be controlled by the player to hunt down enemy players.
  • Precision Airstrike: Calls in a precision airstrike to the targeted area.
  • Remote Mortar: Use a zoomable camera to direct mortal strikes to the map.
  • Remote Turret: Pretty much like the Sentry Gun, but you can control it.
  • Stealth bomber: Calls in a Stealth Bomber to carpet bomb the selected area.

Kotaku was also told that the controversial Tactical Nuke killstreak has been removed from the game. MW3 won't support dedicated servers, but should use DemonWare for player authentication. It's unknown if the PC version will get dedicated servers, just like Black Ops did.


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