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CoD Elite To Be Fixed By December 1st


Call of Duty Elite PC

Activision's Call of Duty Elite service has had a rocky start and is still plagued with service problems. Elite's login systems were initially suffering from too many simultaneous login attempts, but after the problem was fixed, the greater than expected demand has been crashing the servers since then.

Beachhead Studio, the creator of Elite, thought that most of the players were going to use the PC interface, but instead 80-90% of the players are using the console interface. Since only the PC interface was beta tested and optimized, the console interface is causing a huge load on the servers.

Activision has been limiting access to the Elite service as it works to build more server capacity. According to Beachhead's VP of Production, Daniel Suarez, less than 10% of the players have actually gotten access to the service, but they hope to have everything working soon. The new Ghosts Elite, which is to be released in 2014, will be better optimized to handle such loads.Daniel Suarez: "December 1st is the goal that we'll have everything up and running"Premium members of CoD Elite will automatically receive a 1 month extension on their subscription due to the service problems.


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