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Here are all the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. Each map is playable in the Spec Ops Survival game mode.

There are a total of 4 downloadable DLC Content Collection map packs for MW3. All the map packs were Xbox 360 exclusives for 1 month and Elite Members were able to play them 1 week in advance, including PlayStation 3 Elite Members. There will be 4 DLC map packs released for the ghosts multiplayer maps list in 2014 - this follows the same strategy as MW3.

The first Modern Warfare 3 DLC, Content Collection 1, has 4 new multiplayer maps: Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch, and Black Box. Content Collection 2 has 5 new maps: Sanctuary, Foundation, Oasis, Getaway, and Lookout. Content Collection 3: Chaos Pack, brings 3 new Face Off maps: Intersection, U-Turn, and Vortex. The final DLC, Content Collection 4: Final Assault, boasts 5 all-new MP maps: Decommission, Off Shore, Gulch, Boardwalk, and Parish.

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SEATOWN Small Preview

A costal town. Narrow streets bring hectic, close encounters.

SEATOWN - More Information »


DOME Small Preview

Small outpost in the desert. Fast and frantic action.

DOME - More Information »


ARKADEN Small Preview

Medium sized German mall. Intense Search & Destroy games.

ARKADEN - More Information »


BAKAARA Small Preview

Crash site in an African city. Classic Urban combat.

BAKAARA - More Information »


RESISTANCE Small Preview

Parisian district. Great for Domination and Kill Confirmed.

RESISTANCE - More Information »


DOWNTURN Small Preview

Urban map with wide streets. Good for long and short range fights.

DOWNTURN - More Information »


BOOTLEG Small Preview

Medium sized Asian market. Fun for all game modes.

BOOTLEG - More Information »


CARBON Small Preview

Medium sized refinery. Great for any number of players.

CARBON - More Information »


HARDHAT Small Preview

A small construction site. Fast paced, close quarter action.

HARDHAT - More Information »


LOCKDOWN Small Preview

European city center. Great for Team Defender.

LOCKDOWN - More Information »


VILLAGE Small Preview

Large African village. Great for all game modes.

VILLAGE - More Information »


FALLEN Small Preview

Derelict Russian ghost town. Great for careful, tactical engagements.

FALLEN - More Information »


OUTPOST Small Preview

Large Siberian airbase. Great for epic large battles.

OUTPOST - More Information »



Destroyed freeway. Great for a wide range of spaces and styles.

INTERCHANGE - More Information »



Small subway station. Fast paced action both inside and out.

UNDERGROUND - More Information »


MISSION Small Preview

African colonial settlement. Fight to control the center.

MISSION - More Information »


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COD: Modern Warfare 3

Main platforms:
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Multiplayer is available on Xbox LIVE (Xbox 360), PSN (PS3) and Steam. Xbox LIVE requires Gold Membership.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The next Call of Duty game is called Ghosts and it's to be released on the current and next-gen consoles. Infinity Ward is making the call of duty ghosts game completely next-gen with new weapons, perks, killstreaks and maps. The game is to be released on 5th of November.

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