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MW3 PC Version Pirated - Xbox 360 And PS3 Copies Already Being Sold


MW3 Pirated

It's typical these days that highly anticipated games are leaked to the internet before release, and Modern Warfare 3 is no exception. It was reported a few days ago that a copy of the MW3 PC version was stolen from a US shipping warehouse and has been spreading quickly around the pirate scene.

Activision's private investigators tried to stop the copies from spreading, but to no avail, as it didn't take long for someone to upload the full retail DVD of the PC version to a well-known torrent website; it's already being downloaded by over 5000 people. Since Modern Warfare 3 PC uses Steam, it's encrypted and the game can't be played before the release date, unless the encryption key is leaked or someone tries to brute force it - both of which are highly unlikely.

Unlike the PC version, legit copies of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have been sold by retailers ahead of the game's November 8th release. It's left to be seen how fast Black Ops II will be leaked next year. A word of caution for those who get their copy this week; Activision has threatened to ban players who are caught playing the game [online], but the warning is geared more towards pirates, not legitimate players - but you never know.


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